Web console for School Management

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Mobile application for parents & teachers

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EduPlus Safari - Mobile application for school bus drivers

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Use & benefit

Web console for School Management

The web console for Admin enables the administrators of schools to get detailed information about the location and activities of students and staff within the school premises. The admin can add or delete data to/from the system.

  • Real-time student location information
  • automated attendance in school, bus, and classroom
  • Alert when a student enters an unsafe zone within the school premises
  • Student activity indicator to identify a student’s behavior in school
  • Notification for students’ entry/exit to/from the school
  • Notification for unauthorized entry/exit
  • Student movement paths tracking
Use & benefit

Application for teachers

A mobile application that helps teachers. Engage the parents in the education process.keep track of students academic and non-academic activities. keep track of location and activities of the students assigned to him/her.

  • Automatic attendance recording in digital format
  • Instant alert when a student enters the class
  • Leave request processing
  • Alert if a student leaves the class without permission
  • Alert if a student crosses the defined safe field limit
  • Enable teacher to communicate with the parents using
    • Digital diary
    • Internal messaging system
  • Student movement paths tracking
  • Inform the parent about the day to day homework and provide contents for assistance
  • Monitor the academic progress
  • Send and receive messages from the principal and management
  • View the teacher and class time table
Use & benefit

Application for parents

A mobile application that helps parents. keep track of the location and activities of their children within the school premises. Ensure that they reach home safely from school. Monitor the academic activities. Communicate with school. Make school fee online.

  • School bus reaches the previous stop
  • School bus reaches the child’s stop
  • Child boards the bus
  • School bus reaches the school
  • School bus starts from school after the class
  • Child alights from the bus at a different location
  • School bus reaches the child’s destinationThrough the app, parents can Analyze students academic performance
  • Get access to the student’s diary at any time
  • Get immediate notification and reminder about any information shared from the school
  • Make the school fee payment on time through the Smartphone
  • Get access to the students’ home work
  • View students’ academic progress
  • Communicate with the teachers
  • Apply leave
Use & benefit


A mobile application that equips the drivers of school buses with all the necessary information regarding the trips to ensure a smooth and well-planned journey. The application runs on Android (4.0 and up) and iOS platforms

  • Detailed information about the trips of a bus
  • Detailed information on the routes to be covered by a bus
  • Real-time route status tracking
  • Alert if a student leaves the class without permission
  • Facility to send instant notification to school admin in case of changes in trip timings of a bus
  • Detailed information about students in the bus